UCOME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA

Fri, 26 Nov
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This cash assessment reflects the value of a barge of used cooking oil methyl ester biodiesel with a maximum cold filter plugging point of 0 degrees Celsius loading FOB ARA 7-to-28 days forward from the date of publication. This product is a summer grade biodiesel, made from waste material, which counts double towards mandates in many European countries and has higher greenhouse gas savings associated with it compared to other typical biodiesel blendstocks when used within diesel fuel to meet European renewables mandates. It typically trades at differentials to both low-sulfur gasoil futures and FAME 0 FOB ARA swaps as well as at a flat price. Assessments are published as both differentials to LSGO futures and as a flat price. This assessment reflects the flat price.

Currency and unit of measure: $/mt

Incoterm: FOB

Quantity: 1-3kt

Time of assessment: 16:30:00 Europe/London

Publishing frequency: Daily

Spec: EN 14214, max CFPP 0, max water 350ppm, RED-compliant certification, UK and Netherlands double-counted, German compliant feedstock, minimum 87% greenhouse gas savings when compared to an 83.8g CO2e/MJ fossil fuel baseline

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