16h ago
German ethanol production hit a four-year high in 2022 as corn and wheat input hit their highest on record...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 20 Jan 2023SpotBalmoFeb
Netherlands renewable fuel units 2022 (HBE-O) €/GJ
UCOME vs FAME 0 Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA $/mt
HVO (UCO) Barge FOB ARA Premium $/m3
14h ago
The European Commission has produced a plan allowing the sale of new e-fuel internal combustion engine cars after 2035...
18h ago
French demand for higher ethanol blend gasoline ticked marginally higher in February even as overall gasoline sales...
20 Mar 2023
Chinese exports of used cooking oil during January and February hit a record as shipments to the US...
12h ago
Biodiesel premiums continued to slide Tuesday, particularly for used cooking oil-based material, which closed down 18%...
12h ago
Current obligation year UK biofuel certificate prices spiralled lower Tuesday as replacement costs were hit by plummeting...
16 Mar 2023
Energy major Shell on Wednesday said it has decided not to have emissions targets for the use of its products...
16 Mar 2023
US refiner Valero has made the company’s first major shipment of renewable diesel for several years...
15 Mar 2023
Industrial action at French refineries were extended for an eight straight day with fuel deliveries blocked...
17 Mar 2023
Striking workers are expected to shut one of France’s largest refineries and continue disruption...
17 Mar 2023
 Gasoline cracks whipsawed this week as the US banking crisis engulfed oil markets...
20 Mar 2023
Sharply falling water levels on the Rhine River this week are set to limit the maximum volume barges...
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