4h ago
Mislabelling of waste animal fats used for renewable fuel production could reach 'industrial scale' as EU sustainable...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Thursday, 30 Mar 2023SpotBalmoApr
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2023 - Crop £/certificate
London low sulfur gasoil futures marker 1630 London $/mt
RME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA $/mt
HVO (Tallow) Barge FOB ARA Premium $/m3
4h ago
Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmannen reported a lower operating income for its biorefinery segment...
8h ago
Dutch inland shipping will need to ramp up its FAME/HVO blending to 67% to hit the planned...
3h ago
A consortium of three airlines, including Wizz Air, and three funds have invested $50 million in US-based...
1h ago
T2 ethanol FOB ARA barges firmed for the seventh consecutive session on Wednesday on the back of trade...
2h ago
Biofuel certificate prices edged marginally higher in the UK on higher bids, while prices in the Netherlands declined...
26 May 2023
Gasoline continued its bullish run this week, testing 2023-highs on the back of firm US seasonal demand...
25 May 2023
Global investment in clean energy is set to rise to $1.7 trillion in 2023, significantly outpacing spending on fossil fuels...
25 May 2023
ExxonMobil has signed a supply agreement with container liner Hapag-Lloyd to supply B30 bunker fuels...
30 May 2023
South Korean oil refiner S-Oil is looking to include waste-based biofuels while refining petroleum products to...
30 May 2023
US airline Delta Air Lines is facing a lawsuit for "grossly misrepresenting" its environmental claims...
26 May 2023
German drugstore DM and compatriot consumer products company Biersdorf are to withdraw carbon neutral claims for some products...
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