2 Dec 2022
The EU is considering suspending import duties on arrivals of used cooking oil (UCO) and palm oil...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Monday, 03 Oct 2022SpotBalmoNov
Ethanol T2 Barge FOB ARA €/m3
POME FOB Indonesia $/mt
Rapeseed Oil FOB Dutch Mill - ICE Low Sulfur Gasoil Spot ¢/mt
UCOME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA Premium $/mt
2 Dec 2022
The UK's Ensus ethanol plant will stay running until at least March when government support for energy prices expires...
2 Dec 2022
French energy giant TotalEnergies has joined a multinational coalition committed to zero emissions...
2 Dec 2022
Blending rates for both biodiesel and ethanol in Germany moved to a four-month high in September but nominal demand...
2 Dec 2022
Netherlands HBEs were assessed higher for the 2022 obligation period Friday on reports of the advanced category trading...
2 Dec 2022
Outright prices for biodiesel relinquished all of the prior day's chunky gains Friday as distillates crashed lower again, but...
28 Nov 2022
BP has said it is weighing whether it will continue to publish its annual supply and demand survey of the global...
2 Dec 2022
All units at the 400,000-bpd Rotterdam refinery are being restarted after BP agreed to the...
30 Nov 2022
The European Parliament has reached a tentative agreement to add maritime transport to the EU’s Emissions...
29 Nov 2022
Union workers at BP’s 400,000-bpd Rotterdam refinery are keeping the Fluid Catalytic Cracking...
29 Nov 2022
Polish energy group Orlen reported a 26% jump in throughput in the third quarter...
1 Dec 2022
Spanish oil company Cepsa will invest €3 billion ($3.15 billion) to build Europe's largest green hydrogen hub in the south of...
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