6h ago
German chemicals producer BASF has lifted a force majeure on key alcoholates used as catalysts for methyl ester biodiesel...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 17 Jun 2022SpotBalmoJul
UCOME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA Premium $/mt
ULSD FOB Barge ARA $/mt
Netherlands renewable fuel units 2022 (HBE-G) €/GJ
RME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA Premium $/mt
8h ago
Waste-based biofuels could make up 25% of all liquid fuel supply by 2050, or around 75% of middle distillates, in what would be...
7h ago
An appeal by environmental organisations for Swedish refiner Preem's planned biodiesel production expansion to be blocked...
6h ago
The maximum load barge can carry across the chokepoint of Kaub on the Rhine River will rise...
21min ago
UK biofuel certificates were down again Thursday as sellers sharpened offers, while Netherlands tickets consolidated...
32min ago
Bearish vegoil fundamentals weighed on biodiesel premiums Thursday, with spot RME FOB ARA dropping...
12 Aug 2022
The sharpest weekly drop in US gasoline stocks in over a year saw gasoline markets rebounding...
15 Aug 2022
The German government will prioritise the transport of oil, gas and coal on its rail network as water...
12 Aug 2022
Rainfall expected of the Alps this weekend will give only a marginally boost to Rhine water...
15 Aug 2022
Germany’s main oil lobby expects a sharp rise in diesel and gasoline sales as a tax benefit...
16 Aug 2022
The maximum load river barges can take across the chokepoint on the Rhine River near Kaub...
12 Aug 2022
Diesel and gasoil markets were back on the rebound this week after Central European refiners...
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