4h ago
The European Commission has circulated its latest draft revising which biofuel feedstocks will be counted as advanced and...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 29 Sep 2023SpotBalmoOct
HVO (POME) Barge FOB ARA $/mt
Sustainable Aviation Fuel FOB ARA $/mt
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2023 - Crop £/certificate
German GHG reduction obligation (THG quota) 2024 - Annex IX-B €/tCO2e
6h ago
Demand for tallow from the US renewable fuel sector hit a fresh high in September, while UCO and...
9h ago
Spanish energy company Cepsa and AP Moller Maersk's C2X have teamed up to develop Europe's largest...
6h ago
New York will become the first East Coast city to transition its public heavy-duty vehicles such as ambulances and waste lorries from...
4h ago
Bearishness in the European jet A1 and distillate markets dragged prices for HEFA-based sustainable aviation fuel...
4h ago
Spot RME prices started off the new month on a strong note Friday, with a hefty premium gain following an active trading...
30 Nov 2023
China’s state-owned marine fuel producer SInobunker has completed its first bio marine fuel bunkering for a...
27 Nov 2023
European natural gas prices were down by over 5% Monday, as futures prices drifted to towards the lower end of November’s narrow trading range...
28 Nov 2023
Chinese refiners should pivot towards more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) development to address oil refining overcapacity...
24 Nov 2023
Gasoline and naphtha were broadly flat this week in Europe against a backdrop of plentiful Atlantic supply
30 Nov 2023
A German court has ruled that the government must present a new emergency climate change program for the transport and building...
27 Nov 2023
The US navy has thwarted an attempt by suspected Houthi militants looking to seize a second Israeli-linked ship off the coast of Yemen...
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