3h ago
Brazilian oil producer and refiner Petrorbras wants to become one of the world's largest sustainable aviation fuel and...
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Thursday, 28 Jul 2022SpotBalmoAug
Netherlands renewable fuel units 2022 (HBE-O) €/GJ
UCOME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA Premium $/mt
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2023 - Crop £/certificate
Ethanol T2 Barge FOB ARA €/m3
1h ago
Ethanol blending rates in the UK moved to a record quarterly high between April and June this year, while biodiesel...
1h ago
The Dutch government is rushing to publish an emergency oil plan which will be executed when...
28 Sep 2022
French energy major TotalEnergies has been awarded EU subsidies to run its biorefinery in...
23h ago
The gap between crop and other grades of Netherlands HBEs narrowed to a six-week low Wednesday after 2022 tickets...
23h ago
FAME 0 biodiesel premiums in northwest Europe saw the biggest one day losses in over six months Wednesday amid...
22 Sep 2022
Workers at ExxonMobil’s refinery in Fos-sur-Mer in southern France have joined the industrial...
22 Sep 2022
Tata Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Petroleum to develop sustainable...
27 Sep 2022
Refinery outages in France worsened on Tuesday as workers at three TotalEnergies sites joined strike action...
23 Sep 2022
Gasoline and naphtha continued their modest recovery this week, as both markets look more balanced..
22 Sep 2022
The transition to non-oxy Eurobob as the primary gasoline grade in northwest Europe is gathering pace..
22 Sep 2022
The world’s third-largest container shipping company, CMA CGM, bought seven new container...
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