5h ago
Higher ethanol blend gasoline sales in France hit a fresh all-time monthly record in August amid a new high for overall gasoline...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Monday, 24 Jul 2023SpotBalmoAug
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2022 - Waste £/certificate
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2023 - Crop £/certificate
Sustainable Aviation Fuel FOB ARA $/mt
German GHG reduction obligation (THG quota) 2024 - Conventional €/tCO2e
6h ago
Portuguese oil refiner Galp signed off on a project to build a new biorefinery in Sines alongside its existing...
7h ago
Physical biofuel blending in Portugal hit a monthly record in July amid a jump in renewable diesel sales but the number of...
2h ago
Austrian Airlines was ordered by a regional court to publicly admit it was guilty of misleading its...
2h ago
European biodiesel premiums rose Monday supported by a second day of reversing LSGO futures, including a two-week...
2h ago
Offers for 2024 vintage UK biofuel certificates emerged Monday in an otherwise quiet day for UK and Dutch ticket markets...
19 Sep 2023
Dutch terminal and storage company Vopak will sell its Rotterdam chemicals, oil products and biofuels terminals to...
18 Sep 2023
The USDA has delisted its annual report on the Chinese biofuel market after admitting that it had included...
20 Sep 2023
A major national oil company has launched a 'carbon neutral' gasoline, which will involve offsetting emissions...
20 Sep 2023
Industrial action at Chevron’s two LNG processing plants in Australia have so far not significantly impacted production...
19 Sep 2023
European natural gas futures spiked in late trading Tuesday after Norwegian authorities announced a further delay to the restart...
21 Sep 2023
US-based trading platform InterContinental Exchange (ICE) will launch a new futures contract for Corsia-eligible voluntary...
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