13h ago
India will introduce a blend of up to 20% of bioethanol into retail gasoline in parts of the country from April next year...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 18 Mar 2022SpotBalmoApr
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2022 - Crop £/certificate
UCOME Biodiesel Barge FOB ARA Premium $/mt
UK Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) 2021 - Crop £/certificate
Netherlands renewable fuel units 2021 (HBE-G) €/GJ
17h ago
German-based biofuel producer Cropenergies expects to set a new revenue record this year...
17h ago
Chemical company Clariant's new cellulosic ethanol plant in southwest Romania is set to start operations at the end of the...
16h ago
Japanese trading house Itochu Corporation and biofuel producer GoodFuels have agreed on a...
11h ago
The outright FAME0 biodiesel price tumbled to a two-month low by the Wednesday close amid a....
17 May 2022
Premiums for biodiesel barges over low sulfur gasoil futures fell on Tuesday despite rising...
12 May 2022
The relative value of gasoline to crude rose overnight, with prices in Europe, Asia and the US climbing...
17 May 2022
German ministers have set a new, lower, cap for crop-based biofuels starting next year following weeks of speculation...
17 May 2022
Extracted carbon combined with green hydrogen to produce a liquid jet fuel will be the next “nirvana”...
12 May 2022
A political compromise within the EU to ensure the energy security of some eastern members...
17 May 2022
Price reporting agency S&P Global Platts will exclude bid, offers and trades of Russian fuel...
13 May 2022
US and European gasoline refiner margins hit fresh record by the end of the week amid rising exports...
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