7h ago
Crude oil futures in European trading hours Thursday were largely consolidating the previous-session’s gains of around 3.5% with oil fundamentals seen supportive...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Thursday, 28 Jul 2022SepOctNov
Brent/Dubai EFS $/b
Brent 16.30 London time $/b
Sokol $/b
Basra Light $/b
Thursday, 28 Jul 2022SpotBalmoAug
Gasoline Eurobob E5 FOB Barge AR All Day $/mt
Naphtha FOB NWE $/mt
Gasoline 92 RON FOB Middle East $/b
Gasoline premium unleaded CIF NWE $/mt
Thursday, 28 Jul 2022SpotBalmoAug
Gasoil 50ppm FOB Barge ARA $/mt
Gasoil 1000ppm FOB NWE $/mt
Gasoil (500ppm) FOB Singapore $/b
Gasoil (10ppm) FOB Middle East $/b
Thursday, 28 Jul 2022SpotBalmoAug
Marine fuel oil (0.5% sulfur) east-west spread $/mt
HSFO 180 CST (3.5% sulfur) FOB Middle East $/mt
Marine Fuel (0.5% sulfur bunker) delivered Zhoushan $/mt
Marine Fuel (0.5% sulfur) FOB Middle East $/mt
28 Sep 2022
Russian gas giant Gazprom has threatened to further limit natural gas deliveries to Europe if Ukrainian...
28 Sep 2022
The European Union is set to outline its proposal for a price cap on Russian oil to members on Wednesday...
28 Sep 2022
China's economy is rebounding from the second quarter rough and oil demand likely to rebound next year as Beijing eases Covid-19 restrictions...
7h ago
Middle East crude prices Thursday posted gains on the penultimate day of the September trading cycle, catching...
1h ago
Crude ticked higher on Thursday and briefly touched $90/b on reports of OPEC+ supply cuts...
Product cracks
22 Sep 2022
Goldman Sachs has again reiterated its bullish outlook for oil prices heading into the fourth quarter...
23 Sep 2022
Crude futures Friday were in retreat as oil markets headed for a fourth week of losses with stumbling economic growth again...
28 Sep 2022
- Crude oil futures Wednesday were comfortably higher, having clawed back earlier losses as concerns over European energy security countered...
22 Sep 2022
Crude oil futures Thursday were marginally higher in a largely failed bid to claw back some of the previous session's...
26 Sep 2022
Brent crude oil futures bounced around in a choppy session on Monday, closing lower again on the day by the European close after having...
26 Sep 2022
Iraq started crude oil refining at Karbala Oil Refinery over the weekend, supplying refined products...
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Key Data
6h ago
Mexican diesel and gasoline deliveries fell in August to hit six-month lows as the seasonal decline...
9h ago
Middle distillates inventories in Singapore fell 12% week-on-week to a five-week low of 7.338 million barrels...
28 Sep 2022
US distillate demand jumped by a fifth during the week to September 23 while jet fuel deliveries hit...
28 Sep 2022
US gasoline stocks fell 1.1% to 212.2 million barrels in the week to 23 September, according to the...
28 Sep 2022
US commercial crude stocks fell marginally lower in the week to 23 September
28 Sep 2022
Japan’s crude oil throughput fell to a two-month low last week as typhoon Nanmadol disrupted...