Naphtha CIF Japan

Fri, 01 Dec
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CIF Japan is the benchmark for naphtha across the Asia-Pacific region. The spot assessment reflects the value of a cargo of naphtha on a cash basis, excluding Russian-origin material. Russian origin is identified as not arriving on a ship controlled, operated or flagged by Russia, or where to the seller's best knowledge it has not been produced or blended with Russian produced molecules. It is assessed in half-month delivery slots and the assessment comprises the average of the fourth- and fifth-month cycle. The balmo and monthly assessments are Quantum's assessed value of contracts that are financially-settled against S&P Global Platts' average monthly assessment published on the calendar month in question.

Currency and unit of measure: $/mt

Incoterm: CIF

Quantity: 25kt, 1,000 bl

Time of assessment: 16:30:00 Asia/Singapore

Publishing frequency: Daily

Spec: Min 65% parrafin.

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