8h ago
The price of Australian carbon credits issued by the government to projects that cut emissions...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 17 Jun 2022Spot
V22 Premium (Renewable Energy) $/offset
GS CORSIA Solar/Wind/Waste to Energy 2016+ 20kt $/offset
50-350kt Premium $/offset
VCS Hydro/Energy efficiency 2016+ 20kt $/offset
17 Aug 2022
On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, widely hailed as the most...
17 Aug 2022
An avoided deforestation project piloted by a local NGO has just become Papua New Guinea's first Climate, Community & Biodiversity verified...
4h ago
The price differential between older and newer nature-based carbon credits appeared wider on Thursday...
17 Aug 2022
Australian energy company Santos will use carbon offsets delivered by Alaska Native Corporations to offset emissions...
12 Aug 2022
Denmark is to open a tender for companies to apply for licences for the investigation and storage of CO2 in parts of the North Sea…
12 Aug 2022
The Australian government has reached an agreement with state and territory governments to…
16 Aug 2022
A new carbon scheme for small forest owners in North America that has been in the works for the last 2.5 years is set for...
11 Aug 2022
The African nation of Gabon is requesting the issuance of 184 million mt of carbon credits under two separate schemes for...
15 Aug 2022
A proposed set of rules for carbon buyers by the Voluntary Carbon Market Initiative (VCMI) is too lenient...
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Key Data
16 Aug 2022
Quantum has put together a list of key emission reduction project changes over the last week, based on data...
2 Aug 2022
Quantum has put together a list of key emission reduction project changes over the last week, based on...
1 Aug 2022
The demand for voluntary carbon offsets rose by one quarter in July, showing robust fundamentals...