24 Jun 2022
The Nature-based Global Emissions Offset (N-GEO) futures contract is the clear frontrunner to become the de facto benchmark...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 22 Apr 2022Spot
VCS CORSIA Solar/Wind/Waste to Energy 2016+ 20kt $/offset
V20 Premium $/offset
VCS Clean cookstoves pre-2016 20kt $/offset
20kt Premium $/offset
24 Jun 2022
The Republic of Seychelles, an archipelagic country consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, aims to develop its...
24 Jun 2022
The price of carbon-backed tokens has stabilised in recent days as large cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin arrested...
23 Jun 2022
Verra's decision on Wednesday to suspend a proposal to include tonne-year accounting in its standard is not a final blow...
24 Jun 2022
The price of nature-based carbon offsets rose a little Friday, reacting to sharply higher...
22 Jun 2022
US registry Verra announced Wednesday that it has dropped a proposal to allow tonne-year accounting into its standard in a blow...
20 Jun 2022
Finnish shipping company ESL Shipping will become the world's first shipping company to start utilizing new low-emission Neste Marine 0.1 Co-processed marine fuel...
22 Jun 2022
Global energy investment is set to rise 8% this year, supported heavily by a 12% rise in investment in...
21 Jun 2022
The global production capacity of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will need to rise six-fold by the end...
21 Jun 2022
The Architecture for REDD+ Transactions (ART), a global voluntary initiative that incentivises governments...
21 Jun 2022
The Netherlands has joined Germany and Austria in boosting coal power generation in a bid to preserve gas supplies...
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Key Data
13 Jun 2022
Qatar's Global Carbon Council (GCC) standard has approved its third project, with hundreds still awaiting...
10 Jun 2022
The rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell in May from its April record but remained at the top...
10 Jun 2022
Additional carbon projects are now open for public comments in the Verra emissions registry...