6h ago
Initiatives on green finance and reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture dominated day two of the COP28 climate conference...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 29 Sep 2023Spot
VCS CCB/GS Latam ARR 2019 $/offset
Toucan Base Carbon Tonne $/offset
GS Water filtration Africa Vintage 2019 20kt $/offset
350kt+ Premium $/offset
8h ago
Swiss carbon registry Gold Standard (GS) will continue its work advising governments on carbon market regulations and on Friday...
30 Nov 2023
Brazil's Amazonas state has delayed the award of forest concessions in public areas for avoided deforestation (REDD+) projects...
8h ago
The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM) will start work programmes after COP28 that will…
5h ago
Offers for African and European regenerative agriculture carbon credits were heard Friday...
24 Nov 2023
The Northern Kenya Grassland project has reverted to its previous "registered" status after an eight-month suspension, meaning it can...
29 Nov 2023
The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)is seeking experts to join an advisory group to help develop a specific standard...
29 Nov 2023
Brazilian members of parliament, federal authorities and lobby groups were stuck in last-minute negotiations on the country's new...
27 Nov 2023
The EU’s plans to charge shipping companies for their emissions inside the bloc have been hit with a last-minute challenge, with some members...
30 Nov 2023
A German court has ruled that the government must present a new emergency climate change program for the transport and building...
27 Nov 2023
Environmental group Greenpeace has called for oil production cuts from Chinese energy companies to curb emissions as its new research accused...
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Key Data
20 Nov 2023
Quantum has put together a list of key emission reduction project changes over the past week based on...
20 Nov 2023
Quantum has put together a list of the main voluntary carbon projects retired over the past week from major...
15 Nov 2023
Japanese energy firm Tokyo Gas has delivered a fresh "carbon-neutral" liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo to a Japanese...
23 Nov 2023
David Antonioli is an independent advisor on climate change and was previously founding CEO of US-based carbon standard Verra
23 Nov 2023
Ahead of COP28 in Dubai Quantum spoke to Kevin Conrad, executive director of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations and veteran climate talk negotiator
23 Nov 2023
COP28 will kick off next week in Dubai, UAE, with a record 70,000 participants set to descend on...