15h ago
California’s scoping plan to achieve the state’s long-term goal to become carbon neutral by 2045...
Sample of Quantum price assessments:
Friday, 18 Mar 2022Spot
VCS Forestry Asia 2016+ 20kt $/offset
VCS Solar/Wind/Waste to Energy pre-2016 20kt $/offset
V08-13 Premium $/offset
Corsia Eligible Offset (CEO) $/offset
14h ago
The state of Sarawak, home to a large chunk of Malaysia's remaining intact forests, has set up a...
13h ago
A carbon-backed crypto project that is in the process of...
12h ago
Revenue from selling carbon credits at leading clean cooking companies jumped twentyfold in...
11h ago
The price of non-Corsia eligible renewable energy credits fell sharply Wednesday...
17 May 2022
Extracted carbon combined with green hydrogen to produce a liquid jet fuel will be the next “nirvana”...
12 May 2022
Slashing Europe’s aviation emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels by the end of the decade...
12 May 2022
Unilever, Axa and Tikehau have invested €300 million ($312 million) into a regenerative agriculture fund...
12 May 2022
The market valuation of Xpansiv, the owner of voluntary carbon trading platform CBL Markets, has been...
16 May 2022
New Zealand released its first detailed plans to reach net-zero emissions Monday, putting nature-based solutions and low...
17 May 2022
Climate activists targeted an oil conference hosted in London Tuesday with the Extinction Rebellion protest group promising to disrupt further oil events and...
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Key Data
9 May 2022
EU power sector emissions jumped 27% on the month in the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine...
8 Apr 2022
The rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon in March rose to its highest level since July 2021...
8 Apr 2022
Global atmospheric concentration of methane rose almost 1% in 2021, according to scientists...