Ethanol T2 Barge FOB ARA

Tue, 23 Jul
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This cash assessment reflects the value of a barge of T2 duty-paid fuel ethanol loading FOB ARA 3-to-15 days forward from the date of publication. This product is used in the gasoline blending pool to meet European renewables mandates and acts as a reference for the European ethanol market. It trades at a flat price. The balmo and monthly assessments are Quantum's assessed value of swaps contracts that are financially settled against S&P Global Platts' average monthly assessment published on the calendar month in question. The swaps assessments roll monthly on the 1st of each month. So, on 31 May, M+2 represents July loading. On 1 June M+2 represents August loading.

Currency and unit of measure: €/m3

Incoterm: FOB

Quantity: 1-2kt

Time of assessment: 16:30:00 Europe/London

Publishing frequency: Daily

Spec: EN 15376, anhydrous and denatured, RED-compliant certification, maximum carbon intensity of 33.52 CO2e/MJ

Start Date: 02.08.2021

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