HVO (Crop) Barge FOB ARA

Mon, 25 Sep
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This cash assessment reflects the value of a barge of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), also known as renewable diesel, produced from RED-compliant crop-based feedstock and loading FOB ARA 7-to-28 days forward from the date of publication. This product typically trades in volumetric terms as a differential to low-sulfur gasoil futures and assessments are published as both a differential and a flat price. This assessment represents the flat price in US dollars per metric tonne. HVO is less dense than low-sulfur gasoil and the premium to underlying gasoil futures is adjusted accordingly, assuming an HVO density of 0.78 kg/l and a gasoil density of 0.845 kg/l.

Currency and unit of measure: $/mt

Incoterm: FOB


Time of assessment: 16:30:00 Europe/London

Publishing frequency: Daily

Spec: Spec: EN 15940, max CFPP -10C, max cloud point -5C, max water 350ppm, RED-compliant certification, minimum 60% greenhouse gas savings when compared to an 94g CO2e/MJ fossil fuel baseline

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