Rhine swells after heavy rain

24 May 2021

London (Quantum Commodity Intelligence) - Rhine water levels have risen to their highest in three months following heavy rainfall in western Europe, data from Inerrijn Group shows Monday.

At Kaub, a key chokepoint near many of Germany’s industries, depth levels have reached 3.2 metres, up from 2.6 metres on 18 May and the highest since a flood in early February.

However, there has been less rain in Switzerland recently, and depth levels should fall downstream over the next few days.

Kaub water levels are likely to fall towards 3 metres by 27 May. 

Snow levels in the Alps remain well above the five-year average following a chilly May, and the usual snow melt could be delayed to June.

Average snow cover at high-altitude stations (above 2,000 metres) in the Swiss Alps is around 3.6 metres currently, almost 1 metre above the five-year average.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) currently expects below average rainfall during June in western Europe.