Spanish gasoline demand slows to 7% above 2019, diesel 3% under

6 Oct 2022

Quantum Commodity Intelligence - Spanish gasoline demand seasonally slowed in September but was still 7% above pre-pandemic levels, while diesel deliveries slipped back below 2019 demand, Exolum sales data showed Thursday.

Exolum, which delivers roughly three-quarters of all road fuel in Spain, sold 533,000 cubic metres of gasoline in September (111,700 bpd), down 11% from the August seasonal peak.

Demand is now 7% above 2019, compared to an 8% lead in August, and after running 5.6% ahead of pre-pandemic levels during the first six months of the year.

At the same time, Exolum road diesel deliveries fell 4% on the month to 1.73 million cubic metres (361,200 bpd), falling back below pre-Covid levels after rising above 2019 demand in August.

Total diesel demand remained 4% above pre-pandemic levels, however, as heating oil and industrial demand rose to 511,100 cubic metres at the start of autumn and amid gas-to-oil switching across Europe.

Exolum – which represented 94% of Spanish jet fuel demand in August – delivered 594,100 cubic metres (124,600 bpd) of jet in September, down 6% on the month as the summer travel season drew to a close

Jet fuel deliveries are now 16.4% below 2019 levels.